Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Prosperity Mindset

MINDSET, that's where it originates. It's what you set your mind to. It's what you think about a good deal of the time. We here at the institute call your attention to a special feature of these techniques, they are written from several different viewpoints to help you fit each great technique to your specific needs, to fit your specific ambitions. Anything you wish! Let your dreams soar where they will, because now you have the means to make your dearest dreams come true!
Prosperity will mean money, and along with all that money can buy, you can enjoy a vastly increased measure of priceless energy and health! Your new self-confidence, your freedom from many worries and nervous tension, your prosperity privilege of resting when you wish-- all build your resources of well-being along with your resources of money.
Prosperity no longer need be an uphill struggle of ten, twenty or thirty years! With the tools and method supplied in this completely coordinated program, you can build your life of prosperity so soon you"ll be wide-eyed in wonder! Yes, you may have an occasional setback. You will, of course, have to exert some effort and personal faith. But if you persevere, as we know you will, magnificent success will crown your efforts. You literally can not fail. Set you mind on your success.
Read with a marker in hand. Mark passages which particularly appeal to you. Fill in answers to questions where indicated. Make you own notes on each Reminder page. The more you personalize this program, the more it will help you--first as you learn and practice these techniques--later when you review. Remember Mindset, Mindset, Mindset. Set your mind on your success. We can show you how, but you'll have to exert the energy. Let's get on with Lesson No. One.

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