Saturday, April 19, 2008

Positive Mental Attitude

Ten Basic Motives
The desire for self-preservation
The emotion of love
The emotion of fear
The emotion of sex
The desire for life after death
The desire for freedom of body and mind
The emotion of anger
The emotion of hate
The desire for recognition and self-expression
The desire for material gain

When you know principles which can motivate yourself, you know principles which can motivate others.

Reactive - Proactive Mindsets

Reactive Language ---------Proactive Language

There's nothing I can do-------Let's look at our alternatives

That's just the way I am------ I can choose a different approach

He makes me so mad----------I can control my own feelings

They won't allow that---------I can create an effective presentation

I have to do that ------------I will choose an appropriate response

I can't------------- I choose

I must ------------I prefer
I only ------------I will

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Natural Laws of Prosperity

There are laws and there are laws. There are laws that are concerned with the operation of the Universe. (law of gravity, law of attraction, law of repulsion, Murphy’s law, etc.) There are laws that are concerned with Prosperity. (law of Attraction and Radiation, law of visualizing, law of command, law of self-confidence, law of prayer.
Just as sure as the laws of the Universe, keeps you from turning upside down and walking on your head. The laws of Prosperity obeyed, will prove to supply everything good in it’s sphere.

We are filled with pent-ed substance, energy and divine ability with works for us, through us and around us. You release this pent-up power for prosperous living through radiating thoughts, feelings, prayers and mental pictures of success—sometimes modest success to fill an immediate need—sometimes all embracing success to enrich the very source of your continued livelihood.

As you do so, your thoughts, feelings and mental pictures are radiated outward into the rich, powerful ethers of this universe, where they make contact with the eternally generous substance of divine intelligence and power. This universal substance then moves among and works through the people, conditions and opportunities, which correspond to the rich radiations you have sent forth, and the prosperous results then appear! No, not by magic, But the laws of Prosperity rule prosperity.

There is one major reason why poverty persists among people who are surrounded by opportunity and everything they need for a prosperous life. They fail to give due credit to the Basic law of Prosperty. The most important I think.
The good book speaks that “you must give before you can receive.”
Give What? In almost all cases, the most effective gift consists of your MINDSET…..shown in the right word, the right attitude, the right frame of mind! Often the value of a material gift lies in the faith behind it.