Monday, February 25, 2008

Robbers of Prosperity

Inflation.Stagflation, Reccession,Depression.
All of the above must be curbed or erased or somehow wrung out of our economy at all cost. The value of our way of life and our economy is destroyed by these robbers of properity. Yes things can rebound but how long will the recovery take? What will the cost be?
"The type and quality of lives that we live, that our childred and grandchildred live is dependent on the actions that we take NOW" says Al Smith from . There are several things a citizen can do now. Call your congressperson, prod your leaders, voice your concerns. Tomorrow may be to late.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I know this person who is a championship runner, whom I recognized as such about 4 years ago. Before I met him personally, I would see him everyday running along the way, from my house to the inner city. When I say everyday, I mean everyday. In good weather, bad weather, raining, snowing, sloppy or dreary he ran. To me, it was everyday. Being a student of MINDSET, I had to meet this guy and ask him about his MINDSET. Next time I saw him, I stopped and while running along side of him, I ask him if I could ask him a few questions about his daily habit of running.
This is what I found out. He had been running for over 12 years. He could hardly walk a mile. when he started. Now he ran over 20 miles daily. He ran regardless of the weather. Regardless of how he felt, he would run. He said he looked forward to running. Running is a part of his daily routine. He felt his good health, and his powerful frame of mind was a result of his running routine. He was a committed runner. He was a champion.

To me, it was the MINDSET. In order to succeed, one must set the mind on your desires. (Goal)
Set your mind on Prosperity. It works.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Healthy Tip

What you eat, is what you are. Eat healthy, be healthy, stay alive and enjoy the blessings of properity. I love dessert, I eat delicous homemade, nourishing "good to be alive" pies.
From it nourishing healthy ingredients to it's individual servings, this you'll find is a great tip,
and a delicous one too.

Do you deserve Prosperity?

To start, it is crucial that you have the success mindset. The feeling that you deserve to be prosperous. That means the seeds of prosperity are within. You need to get it to grow. The more you nourish this mindset the more powerful it gets. Properity Nation is about helping grow this mindset. All of us are traveling this road to prosperity. We can share tips, advice and strategies on how to get there. Join in.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


What is that which I seek?

According to "the Merriam-Webster Dictionary" Posperity is a thriving condition. Success, economic well-being.

I don't know about you, but I want in.
Hints, guides, tips, advice and strategies on "how to" get there, get to the land of refuge.
I ask and plead with those who are honored to be citizen of this fabulous place to provide the rest of us with points on the road by posting hints, guides, tips, advice and strategies that will aid us along the road to Prosperity.